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Nick McGlynn
Regional General Manager
South East Asia
Qantas Airways Ltd

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Helping Airlines with Distressed Passengers & Disruption

Keep your employees focused on their core business - helping passengers get to their destinations

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It’s late Saturday night, and staffing levels at weekend minimums. You are forced to cancel the last flight of the day; there are no alternatives to get your passengers to their final destination tonight. What do you do?

Call Room Solutions now! Our company was born as a result of research to find new ways to assist airlines by enabling them to focus resources on their core business. The need to accommodate passengers into hotels during non-routine situations was one way in which this was made possible.

Why We Are Better

Although several companies attempt to provide these types of services many have hotel backgrounds and approach the needs from a hotel industry perspective, and have little knowledge of the airline industry. Airline-specific needs in non-routine situations requires experience with passenger-handling, and personnel who know the challenges facing airline managers.

Experience Counts

Room Solutions has assembled a team with over 50 years of airport operations experience. Leveraging this unique experience, Room Solutions is in a unique position to anticipate your needs, and equally important, to respond to them.

We Work So You Don’t Have To

With Room Solutions handling your hotel needs, employees who would otherwise be out of the operation, looking for rooms, are able to assist other passengers. When rooms are difficult to find, our partner-hotels enable us to secure rooms that you may not even be aware are available. Once a decision is made to place passengers in hotel rooms we are able to confirm rooms almost immediately and minimize the passengers’ wait time at the airport. Room Solutions stays on top of the local room availability and notifies you when the situation warrants. This information is critical especially when rooms are scarce. With this advance information, Systems Operations Control can be notified.

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