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Room Solutions will help you fill your vacant rooms

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We Help You Fill Vacancies

If, at 6pm, you had available rooms, would you be interested in finding a way to fill them?

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Room Solutions is here to assist you! Room Solutions understands that available rooms are a perishable commodity. Our business is matching those rooms with distressed airline passengers through our unique program.

How Our Program Works

Airlines have a need for rooms when passengers misconnect and cannot be accommodated until the following day. If the airline is responsible, they must find accommodations and overnight those passengers at the airline’s expense. As you can imagine, this process takes time and resources when the airline is already stretched to its limits. The airlines we have contracted make one phone call to Room Solutions and they get the rooms they need. We enable them to utilize their resources more efficiently and shorten the passengers’ waiting time.

We Work On Your Behalf

We will market your available rooms to the airlines at a previously agreed rate, thereby filling rooms at your hotel that would otherwise remain empty. We will check with you every four days to obtain your anticipated room availability; when rooms are tight we will check with you daily. We block rooms only with confirmation from the airline that they need the rooms. When this happens we contact you, advise of the airline’s need and submit their authorization to block the rooms. Once all passengers have been handled we will contact the hotel and make any corrections to the number of blocked rooms. Payment is made with airline vouchers and if necessary we will assist you in obtaining payment.

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